Fairy Tale Project

Once upon the time…

Seven sundays for a new fairytale and special little artwork. This events were based on an idea from Jennifer Leißmann. The tellers of the fairy tales were Brigitte Hirschmann and Alma Raible. It took place at the Weberei in Gütersloh.

  • Mythical figure: the ’skeleton’ of an dragon was prepared in form of a marionette. The children could create a skin, eyes, tongue etc. out of leather an cloth an add it to the puppet.
  • The Forest: every child could make a leave and draw or paint a secret wish on it. Then is was attached to ‘tree’, filled with all the wishes.
  • The Castle: A castle was created out of card box and some additional material
  • Dwarf and Giant: Pieces of dwarfs were drawn, cut out and combined to a lot of nice little hooded creatures. And and giant was painted, too.
  • The Treasure: the young visitors could draw a treasure map with ink, and the result was transformed in an old one, using black tea and a lighter.