Casa de Legno

Un esperimento reale…


This series depicts part of what happened while spending six month in Bari, southern Italy, cooperating with the local non profit association A.S.C. Europa. I developed the idea of building a tree house with the children, the A.S.C Europa took care of. It showed up, that they had the same idea before, but failed to make stable constructions.

In course of the building process, which took about eight weeks, many ideas rose form the children, e.g. the trapdoors or the flower box. Only simple and non-electric tools were used, and the children were supported to do as much as possible by themselves. The used material was found in the surrounding of the garden of the A.S.C. Europa house. Spending for nails, screws, hinges and some rolls for drawbridge (or drawladder) were less than 50,- €.