Electric Tenor Triangle

Listen up…

The construction of the Electric Tenor Triangle was based on the idea of Class Meier, who performed with an wooden triangle on the “Küchenrock” (Kitchen Rock) – mini festival in 2001. In 2004 Class Meier and Kurt Zawidek revived the idea for the “Nacht der Klänge” (Night of Sound) at the university Bielefeld, improving the original idea to an electrified triangle. While I got to see the plan, I recommended to make things slightly bigger. The result of that collaboration can be seen here.

The Electric Tenor Triangle consist on a quite minimalistic construction: the main tube is from an old heating system, the base is standard German gas hydrant, which can be found on any road construction site. The triangle shaped tube is a simple zinc iron tube, normaly used for water systems. It was bend to its form and to an adequate sound. Electric elements are the humbucker pick up, a volume regulation and a connection jack to bring the sound to an amplifier.

Today, the triangle is used by Siggi from Nürtingen, who is part of the art project “broken windows“. On their pages, you can download different audio-documentaries, or refer to the myspace page of “broken windows”. As an percussive instrument, Siggi uses a brought set of hammer, sticks and clubs and an modified foot-machine to create different sounds. While testing it, he developed 14 techniques of playing, e.g. simple hitting with the hands, grinding with 55′ thin spanner or shaking the whole thing. To modify the main sound characteristic, he uses a multi effect unit. So the sound varies immensely, e.g. bell-like, like distant earthquake or like a collapsing steel plant.