Monument – “10 Years after Tschernobyl”

Remember the 26. April 1986 …

This series shows the contribution to the international day of solidarity, the 26. April 1996, ten years after the disaster of Tschernobyl. At this date events took place all over Europe, to remember the victims an the ongoing treat of the contamination caused by the accident in the Ukraine and Europe. Local groups form schools, churches and politic-related initiated the event in Vlotho, Germany.

You can see the sketch of the concept, consisting of a broken cubic reactor and three dead trees, set up on a large scale radioactive sign. The realization was revealed to the public, while it was filled with artificial fog. Additional music, the remixed song “Our Darkness” from Anne Clark, was audible. This was followed by speeches of officials from Vlotho and Kiew, live music, and the release of a cloud of 1000 black balloons with a yellow radiation sign.

Supporters were Stefan Detering, Florian Schwan, Rouven Schäfer and Martin v. Behren. Music was mixed by Tobias Schäfer.


Even 20 years after Tschernobyl different groups and people took part in activites around that faithful date (Complete archiv list Germany). Hear the art group Broken Windows, performing on the Jahnplatz in Bielefeld on the 26.4.2006

Great respect to Elena Filatova, she lives quite near of the reactor area. She takes her motorbike, and rides into the abandoned areas and cities around the reactor, taking pictures and making short films. You can find more information about the disaster there, her work is worth seeing. Or check out Wikipedia. It’s not over.