Temporary Monument

Early work - temporary monument for the international project - “day of solidarity - 26. april 1996 -10 years after Tschernobyl” - Vlotho.

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Corresponding Forms

Two corresponding forms around and on the Sparrenburg Bielefeld 1998 - inofficial contribution to the “day of the open monuments” - study of placement and public interaction.

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Pendulum Sonitum

A sound Pendulum, also know as the "Pendulum Sonitum", was set up between two trees near the "Sparrenburg" castle, Bielefeld in 1998.

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Metal objects

Pieces of metal

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The Electric Tenor Triangle

The first experimental sound object or instrument, made in 2004.

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Cubic Harp

The second sound object or instrument for three musicians, also known as the "Pendulum Musicae", finished in 2007.

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Objects made for the daily use, but far away from buy able industrial products.

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The third experimental sound object: the "Kalashinkow-O-Phon", created in 2008

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