Particular Blues Performance: 4 years of Broken Windows

Come to see the live event: Broken Windows


On the 24. of may, it’s four years since the first abrupt appearance of the sound art & word group broken windows. In these years, they intensified their initial radical concept. Situated between ‘Klangkunst’, spoken words and distorted music, they continued to involve the rooms and audiences into the issues, and created one unique program after another. Their vast ideas are unsettling to most, rarely open minded and disengaged were enthusiastic about their often political, anarchic and bruised pieces of work, which can not be called ’songs’. Seeking to cause perturbation, somehow to affiliate the listening ones and repelling the ignorant, their experiments are intense, but seldom following dulcet ways.

As I already got to know some of contents for that night on the 24. of may, I strongly recommend you to come out to see them. This will be a ‘blues’, like never heard before nor after.

I it a pleasure for me to support the guys with instruments and artwork, like the one you can see here.

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  1. class Says:

    hallo ralf goerlitz,
    vielen dank für die netten worte und für das coole artwork!
    ich selbst bin zur zeit noch in kalmar und besuche linnéa, komme also mal wieder
    erst mitte april zurück nach bielefeld.
    mit broken windows, sprich: siggi und kurt, stehe ich in derweil in email kontakt
    um die allgemeinen Vorbereitungen zu besprechen…die beiden sind schon fleißig.
    hoffe mensch sieht sich dann am 24.mai im ajz kino auf ein glas brännvin:)

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